Serving Our Communities Since 1967

Gerding Companies was founded in our community, by community members. Our roots run deep, and our commitment to the community does as well. It is our mission to benefit the communities in which we live and work, to enrich the lives of others, and foster relationships within the community.

Gerding Gives

We encourage our employees to give of their time and/or resources. A few of the causes we encourage:

Be active members of school boards, teen centers, and other community organizations.

Get involved with park or roadside clean up efforts.

Donate blood to save lives.

Volunteer at food banks, meals sites, or shelters.

Give time to the humane society in whatever capacity needed.

And more!

We are more than just workers.

We are active citizens.

In general, we encourage our employees to be changemakers in our community in a way that feeds their passion and benefits the greater good.

Through our Gerding Gives Program, we give every employee 8 hours of paid time each year to volunteer in the community. We are proud to say that oftentimes our employees choose to give more.

We put our money where our heart is.

We’re proud to pay it forward to our community, both by investing money and time.

Every year, Gerding Gives donates to various causes in the community. These causes are chosen by leadership and employees alike. Through these donations, we help provide much-needed resources to the people and places that need it the most.

Twice a year, we have company sponsored events where employees can join collaborative efforts such as park clean up, volunteering at food pantries, or participating in a blood drive. These events are designed to make it easy for us to get involved and help the community in the process.

What Community Means to Us

Ownership, responsibility, accountability. That’s what community means, to help one another, hold each accountable and get involved. To strive to enrich the lives of those around us.

We believe the only way to make change is to get involved, through sacrifice or money or time. This creates an environment to be comfortable and productive. It removes potential silos and brings us all together. This translates into how communities are built. And that is the culture we foster at Gerding Companies.

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